Monday, July 23, 2007

Sadness, frustration and something new.

This was beautiful, sweet, affectionate, lovely Blackie. He came to live with us in May, on my birthday. He seemed very healthy. Nobody knew he was sick until the very sudden end, last Wednesday. Even at the vet, while we tried to save him, he was never out of my arms. Now he sleeps in the back yard, along with some very elderly but much loved family kitties. It doesn't seem fair that he should leave us so soon and so young. It has left quite a painful hole in my heart. I picture them all young and healthy again, frolicking in a meadow, happy forever.

After two mobius starts on the lace panel for the dress I decided to knit back and forth a few rows before I joined. After nearly 2 repeats of the lace pattern what do my unbelieving eyes see? Another mobius!!! So, for now, I give up. Frogged completely. Will try again later

I want to knit one of Alison's delicious shawls but I'm not sure of my yarns. I have lots of laceweight but the numbering system for yarns lumps an awful lot into #1. So I started something I've wanted to do since last year. The log cabin afghan in The Knitting Experience - Color, page 83. I've finished a couple of blocks. But I want to add a couple more colors.

A warm brown and a pale, buttery yellow. Maybe a lilac? We shall see.


Alison said...

I used fingering weight for most of my shawls. If you look at my blog, the orange shawl Nancy did was one strand of Zephyr merino/silk laceweight and one strand of the thinnest laceweight around. She started out on size 9s, and I looked at how that yoke was coming out and told her, get bigger needles. Ten? That's still pretty tight. She went up to 11, and it came out perfect (her knitting is a lot tighter than mine.) So that's why the top of the neck looks shaped the way it does there, and she wears it folded back as a shawl collar.

But anyway. The purple shawl I'm wearing on the "Books" page on my website, that's two strands of fine laceweight knit together. I did a few in Fino, a heavyish laceweight baby alpaca/silk and size 7 needles, and they came out gorgeous but much narrower around. You'd have to make one of the ones with a large stitch count for that.

Have fun!

Tonya said...

Just remember you brought happiness to Blackies life too even if it was briefly and by holding him at the end he knew your love was everlasting...