Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Short update

This last week has been a long one. Roseann and 2 of her girls arrived with the 2 kitties on the evening of my birthday. I fed them KFC and we chatted about the kitties, who were in no hurry to come out of their little caves. By the time they left Mittens had a safe spot behind the washer and Blackie preferred the space under the old recliner. Her's a pic of Roseann & the girls.

Blackie now comes to visit me in my room and the bedroom. Tonight he even came to see me in the living room, with Alex and a few of the other kitties present! Blackie is making good progress. Mittens... well she tries to remain invisible still. She loves the attention she gets when we dig her out but as soon as the preliminary euphoria passes she spooks & runs. My safe places are never good enough for her. All the kitties are still pretty spooky so we just keep trying.

To keep my sanity I knitted the first of a pair of IOU (from Christmas) socks for Alex. I prefer 2 at a time but don't have a cable long enough in this needle size. Will start the second one right away! These are in Wildfoote hand painted in the Bluegrass colorway. The pattern is Ann Budd's Diagonal Rib socks.


AlisonH said...

Lucky man; that's a gorgeous sock. And lucky cats to be taken in by you guys.

Knitman said...

oh I love this colourway. Great looking sock.

Alison said...

And Happy Birthday!!