Monday, October 23, 2006

More progress

Here are some more progress pics of the house. Went out to have a look today while the trim painters were working. They don't speak much English and the contractor isn't here everyday so when I started seeing some problems it was a little frustrating. Seems the painters didn't really understand what "trim" means when it comes to old Victorian houses. So I got the contractor to come by and get it straightened out. Whew! This is their first Victorian! Maybe I understand a little better why it was so hard to find a painter in the first place.

The board that sticks out between the floor level and the basement (what's that called?) should be painted white. So should the corner boards that cover the ends of the siding. Don't know about more modern houses but on a Victorian anything that isn't siding is trim.

Sun porch is looking better and better. See all the trim that still needs painting?

We also pointed out nails that hadn't been punched and filled, open cracks between the base board and the siding that should have been caulked, places that never got scraped or sanded, etc...

Then the contractor explained that there is a "finishing" crew that takes care of all that stuff. Wish he had mentioned that before! He thinks it should be all done by the end of the week.That will be so exciting! Then Alex can get on with things he has been promising to do, like mending and painting all the screens, mending or replacing old window sashes. Of course I've been hearing these promises for years and years so... Ever hopeful, that's me!

Here in the studio I cast on to knit this.

The free pattern is here

(Can anyone tell me how to make URLs into live links?)

I'm doing seed stitch instead of ribbing and I'm doing it all in one piece so there aren't any side seams to sew up. I also want to pick up and knit the sleeves from the top down for the same reason. And I want to do a shawl collar instead of the hood. So far I have 2-1/2 inches of seed stitch. That's miles and miles! And kinda of boring too. But the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky ( feels wonderful!

Tomorrow I will set it aside and get back to the last round robin. Honest!!!


Mary Anne said...

I just came across your blog and am enjoying reading your posts.
The sweater looks like a lovely pattern to knit.
re: making urls into live links,
this is the template:

in between the "" you add the url
and then change the TEXT to read whatever you want to call your link. Here is an example (I typed in Jacket).

Hope this helps. Let me know.

Nancy said...

The house is going to be beautiful!! I love seeing the before and after pictures.

Bev in TN said...

Hi, I linked here from (already forgot ;-), think it was Yahoo! Knitlist). Your house is looking great and that jacket pattern is fab...I want one!

Bev in TN said...

Me again (I used the life link another reader provided to find and save the Danbury Jacket pattern). I wonder if you would be willing to share, either on your blog or on the Yahoo! Knitlist, how you alter this pattern to knit it all in one piece (I loathe stitching pieces together). Happy knitting to you.