Thursday, September 07, 2006

Finished curtain

Finished the curtain, and in record time, I think. It was nice to have it to work on when things have been overwhelming. It came out a little longer than I thought it would, and a little narrower. When finished I think this set will go in the living room. The windows on each side of our bay are narrower than all the rest. And I'll just move the rod up a little. What do you think?

Didn't get the job I had hoped for. Anybody out there a Kaiser member? Me too. My sympathies. Did you know they have a special plan for people like me who are flat out of income? It's called the Step plan and it lasts for 4 years. Each step lasts for one year. In Step 1 (depending on your level of income) Kaiser will subsidize 80% of the payment. Step 2 is 60% and so forth. That's a lifesaver for me. I've been applying for all sorts of senior/low income things. In 4 years I'll have my own social security. I hope things are much better by then. (Amen!)

Got to finish a scarf for my Mom's birthday (last Tuesday) and then get the round robin done. Then I'll start another curtain and some socks for my dear doctor who no longer needs chemo caps because his hair is growing back. Amen! And I am going to figure out how to do lace curtains on the knitting machine! Yes I am!!! And that holiday is coming. Lots to do!

I'm thinking of selling some things on eBay to help pay the bills. All kinds of books, knitting machines, vintage sewing machines and oodles of parts. Like I said, lots to do!

Ok, that's it for now. Back to MY kind of work. :o)


Joan said...

What a beautiful curtain. I crochet too and made a set in a tulip pattern for a house before this one. Hmmm. I could use a lacy curtain at my kitchen window!

Michelle said...

Your curtain is gorgeous -- makes me want to learn how crochet so I can do stuff like that.

We've got Kaiser, but only because my husband's employer pays for most of it. They definitely wouldn't be my first choice. That step plan does sound like a lifesaver -- it's insane how much insurance costs.