Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Well, I finally successfully completed a Men's Large sample slipper. Size 13 is so big! I took 2 pictures. The first one with the cuff not folded and the foot stuffed with several balls of sock yarn. The second is with the cuff folded and the foot shaped with a couple of round little candy cans and one ball of sock yarn. Which one do y'all like?

I guess to me #2 looks more like a normal foot. It's just so huge!

So tonight I've cast on for the Men's medium in a nice heathery blue Highland Chunky from Elann. The green one is in KnitPicks Bulky Sierra. Lovely stuff! The Elann isn't as tightly twisted as the KnitPicks so we shall see how it stands up. I think this would be nice in a patterned yarn too. Have to play with that when there is time.

Been glued to the Olympics. Tonight was the best so far. It was so nice to see the ice dancing with no falls or terrible mistakes. I am really looking forward to the start of figure skating tomorrow.

Well, that all for now. The Men's medium shouldn't take as long as the large because I don't have to rewrite the pattern as I am knitting. (Knock on wood!) Y'all be good now!


:L, Laura said...

the unfolded is better.
to me it adds balance to the gi-normous foot....
but you done good pilgrim!

:L, Laura said...

Laura says "wistfully" i'm glad to hear the olympics are so nice.

[can't mail box until friday payday]
but it's stuffed!

blessings, :L

Tonya said...

I like the men's slipper both ways and I can't wait to get my hands on those directions I would love to be able to make some for Christmas for the men in my family so please let me know Gretchen when they are for sale.