Thursday, October 27, 2005

There may be hope...

Well, I've heard from one gal (hi Janet!) who says she is knitting socks with the same yarn and that it is a very old Opal she's been aging. I sure hope so because I get the leftovers! :o)

Another gal (hi Debra!) thinks it is a Fortissima, but I'm not so sure. I've looked at tons of sock yarn this week and most Fortissima socks seem to have that little spotted band.

This is a lot harder than trying to track down some old quilting fabric! Speaking of quilts, here's one of the miniatures I used to do. It's called Sonora Nights

And here's the other resident of my studio. His name is Percy and he sleeps in a basket in the bookcase. He has the most unusual bronze colored eyes! He is my first "exotic" kitty, a short hair Persian. When he was 6 months old we rescued him from life with a yappy little dog who kept him trapped under a friend's bed for a week. He's been my constant shadow ever since. Merlin thinks he is a cute little toy so Percy is rather leery of him. But as long as Merlin is asleep (which is most of the time) Percy trots around the room and plays with his toys and begs for treats and generally owns the place. He will even sneak up to Merlin and gently sniff and pat him. If Merlin opens an eye Percy disappears in a hurry. :o) Outside of this room he is definitely a shadow.

Oh Dear!

I'm in deep doodoo now! A friend sent me a skein of lovely sock yarn that I've been knitting into a pair of socks for my hubby Alex. The skein had no wrapper and I guess it wasn't all there. It was Alex's 70th birthday and I had never knit him a pair of socks before. I finished one and it fit him perfectly. Now I see I am only going to make it through the cuff of the second one. Aaargh! My friend (hi Laura!) says it's probably an old Opal but I have searched online and can't find anything like it. If anyone has any leftover of this yarn would you be willing to part with it? Swap?

This is Merlin. He is sleeping in his bed under the knitting machine behind me. His bed is padded with a lace sample from one of the first knitting machines I learned with. He keeps me company unless there is a good sun spot in the living room.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Welcome to my blog!

Here I plan to show what I'm knitting or crocheting, share pics of my kitties, talk about various things like quilting and using treadle and hand crank sewing machines, and just generally ramble on.

I can't promise I'll post everyday nor that I will be witty or grammatically correct, although I will try.

So come on in! Read, share ideas, leave comments, give me tips, just generally make yourself at home. :o)