Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Welcome to my blog!

Here I plan to show what I'm knitting or crocheting, share pics of my kitties, talk about various things like quilting and using treadle and hand crank sewing machines, and just generally ramble on.

I can't promise I'll post everyday nor that I will be witty or grammatically correct, although I will try.

So come on in! Read, share ideas, leave comments, give me tips, just generally make yourself at home. :o)


beadlizard said...

Gretchen, it's a pretty blog and very easy to read. I'll be stopping by! -Sylvia (from Jeanie's list)

Debra said...

Gretchen, We must be long lost twins! Leave the cats out (which I know you won't) and we have matching interests. My friends think that I am a bit bonkers for knitting my own socks and using sewing on people powered machines. Love to quilt and really enjoy crocheting, but have rediscovered knitting after many years.
Debra in WA

Catlady said...

Nice... Like your background... And I know just what you mean about not posting daily, about sharing about kitties, and about your interests :) I blog, now, too :)

Anne C.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging. I ventured into this just this year myself, and it's been great fun. Looking forward to seeing some of your knitted and other works, and I LOVE CATS!


Gretchen said...

Hi Sylvia! Good to see you here. :o)

And Debra, are you a TreadleOnion?

Anne C., good blog name! My mind went blank when I was trying to think of something. Writer's block? Or senior moment, more likely. LOL

Sandie, I'll have to check out your blog before I go to bed. It's only 3am!

Marguerite said...

Hi Gretchen and welcome to the world of blogging.

I was hoping I could help with the sock yarn, but I have no idea what it is. Hope someone can help you with it.

José said...

Hi, fellow Opal-chatter! I had to find out what this mystery-yarn looked like and I see you just started a blog. It looks like a younger sister of mine, and I hope you will enjoy blogging about your knitting as much as I do!